Cincinnati, OH – Bed Bug Exterminators

No one wants to discover any pests in their home, much less pests that hide in a bed. The pest control experts at TRS Extermination specialize in locating bed bugs everywhere they hide, including couches and chairs, in drawers, and near baseboards. We’ve even found them in wall switches and electrical outlets and under rugs. They’re not picky about where they settle.

Regardless of where they hide, one thing is certain about these pests, you can’t wait to call for professional bed bug control services. While they might not reproduce as rapidly as flies or other household pests, after 90 days of infestation, you could have an army of more than 1,500 bed bugs. That’s a lot of potential bites!

Here at TRS Extermination, we’re committed to providing the most effective bed bug treatments. We offer heat treatments and spray methods. Both methods will completely eradicate bed bugs from your home! As the premier bed bug contractors in Cincinnati, OH, our rapid response team of highly skilled bed bug exterminators works hard to ensure your home is bed bug free within 24 hours! We understand bed bug extermination cost is a concern. We’re happy to work with you to determine which pest control services work best for you and your budget.

To get rid of bed bugs fast, contact our bed bug exterminators today at 513-604-6332!