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Miscellaneous thoughts about killing bed bugs and other pests with heat to keep your family, property, and business safe.

Heat disinfects and works harder than pesticides

November 15, 2019

Heat kills bed bugs and other insects. It’s been proven in university studies since the late 1980s. We prove it every day in the field, treating homes and business of good folks like you. I want to take a moment and describe the cleansing and disinfecting power of heat, and the benefits heat provides to you and your family, your business, your friends and customers. These additional benefits are included for free every time we do a bed bug heat treatment. Read more

Bed bug questions and answers

November 7, 2019

As bed bug extermination professionals, we get asked lots of questions. Here are a few of the most common ones. We hope the answers here will help alleviate the panic many people have when they discover a bed bug infestation. Have something specific on your mind? Give us a call and we will be glad to help! Read more

Tips for a better bed bug heat treatment

November 1, 2019

Bed bugs don’t slow down during the Winter —they still want you for dinner!— we just tend to travel less after the Holidays and therefore transport fewer hitchhiking bed bugs. Between now and the end of the year it’s wise to be especially vigilant for bed bugs, and to kill a bed bug infestation before your holiday guests arrive. Read more

“I’ve been spraying, but I still get bit!”

October 21, 2019

A good person just like you recently told me, “For over a year I’ve been spraying bed bug foggers and still get bit. Some times I spray every night. I don’t often see adults, but babies are everywhere. I’m afraid to sleep! Directions on the Hot Shot bottle say I only need to treat every two weeks... why must I every other night?” Another friend had heard that heat treatments only drive the bed bugs to hide, then they come back. Let’s chat about both of these concerns. Read more

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