Major Bed Bug Treatment Myths

by Tommy Underhill August 11, 2020

Discovering the presence of bed bugs in your home is akin to living a real-life horror movie. The thought of those blood-sucking insects terrorizing you in your sleep is enough to cause anyone to panic. However, as is often the case, panic serves no beneficial purpose, as it takes a methodical approach and professional assistance from a bed bug exterminator in Cincinnati, OH, to thoroughly and completely eradicate bed bugs from your home.

Bed Bug on Bed

Unfortunately, after discovering a bed bug infestation, many people fall victim to common myths surrounding bed bug removal. In some cases, their ill-conceived actions result in far more harm than good. Amateur bed bug treatment is often based on misconceptions, which is why an expert in the field is needed to quickly and completely rid your home of any significant bed bug infestation. Keep reading below to learn a few of the major bed bug treatment myths that you’d be better off forgetting.

Isopropyl Alcohol Works

One of the most common home remedies for bed bugs that well-intentioned but misinformed friends may offer is that simple isopropyl alcohol will kill bed bugs. While it’s true that bed bugs can’t tolerate prolonged exposure to high concentrations of alcohol, the consequences of covering your home in alcohol make it unfeasible as a treatment method. Alcohol is extremely flammable, and the fumes from liquid alcohol can cause a flash fire or explosion if they come into contact with spark or flame. Also, alcohol can stain fabrics and furniture, thus preventing thorough treatment without significant damage.

Turning the Heater Up Kills Them

Again, there’s a seed of truth in the mistaken belief that turning up the heater will dry bed bugs out and kill them. It’s true that high heat is one of the most effective ways of stemming infestations when administered by professionals using dedicated equipment. To kill bed bugs, their eggs, and their larvae, you must apply heat of at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s no way to generate thorough, penetrating heat at that temperature by using your household heater. The heat must be great enough to get down to the foundation and to penetrate into cracks in furnishings and carpets where bed bugs could hide and take shelter. That’s simply not happening with a standard heater.

Store-Bought Foggers Work

Another common treatment myth that people stumble into is the belief that a store-bought bed bug fogger will thoroughly treat an infestation. In many cases, a fogger isn’t just ineffective. Foggers often do more harm than good, and you’re better off doing nothing than deploying one in your home. Most home-safe bed bug foggers contain Pyrethroids, a substance that’s toxic to bed bugs and other insects. However, to kill them, they must come into direct contact with the insects. Bed bugs can easily avoid the deadly fog. In fact, foggers can turn surface infestations that a professional could easily treat into deeper occupation of the hidden, hard to reach areas of your residence. Foggers force bed bugs to hide, which makes them harder for you to find and treat.

Placing Contaminated Items in Your Car

Another bit of erroneous advice you may hear in the midst of a bed bug infestation is that you should place your contaminated clothing, suitcases, and bedding in a plastic bag and leave it in your car for several days. The idea is that when parked in the hot sun, your car will easily reach the 120-degree threshold to kill the bugs. While that theory may seem sound in concept, it can be problematic since the heat in the car won’t be evenly distributed. Therefore, bed bugs may creep out and hide in the cooler pockets until the heat dies down, which will allow them to persist. Even worse, you may end up creating a new infestation in your car that will take additional effort and resources to treat.

If you discover that you have a bed bug infestation, your best bet is to avoid these ill-advised home remedies and contact an exterminator that offers bed bug heat treatment in Cincinnati. Heat treatment is known to offer a thorough, effective means of eradicating bed bugs in all their stages. To learn more about debunking common myths related to bed bug treatment, contact TRS Extermination at (513) 604-6332.


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