Things Not to Do after a Bed Bug Infestation

by Tommy Underhill July 17, 2020

Few revelations are more shocking to a homeowner than discovering the presence of bed bugs. Usually found in hotels, the bed bug is an opportunistic parasite that hitchhikes its way into your home only to become an uninvited guest that's difficult to remove. They're small, oval insects that range from brown to dark brown in color, and they frequent bedding, where they emerge at night to bite their hosts. When you first notice that bed bugs may have infiltrated your home, your first step should be to contact a bed bug exterminator in Cincinnati, OH, to rid you of the infestation before the insects can multiply exponentially.

Bed bug

Because of the shock and revulsion that usually accompanies a bed bug discovery, you may initially panic and act irrationally. However, that serves little purpose, since only a methodical, thorough approach to bed bug control will win the day. While there are a few steps you should take once you discover bed bugs, there's an even longer list of things you should avoid. Keep reading to learn more about what not to do when you discover a bed bug infestation.

Don't Panic

It's natural to be completely repulsed by discovering the presence of blood-sucking parasites in your bedding and living quarters. After all, aside from the nightmarish concept of bugs preying on you in your sleep, there are many harrowing legends that make it appear bed bugs are nearly impossible to eradicate. However, that's not necessarily the case, especially with modern bed bug eradication equipment and practices. It's best to simply stay calm and contact a bed bug removal service near you.

Don't Apply Pesticides

When you discover bed bugs in your home, you simply want them gone as quickly as possible. You may scramble to dispatch them with whatever pesticides you may have on hand for treating other insects around the home. That's a bad idea. Many of those chemicals are dangerous to humans and pets. Even after your bedding has been laundered, residues can remain that aren't good for you and your family. Avoid using pesticides in your home that are not approved for bed bug remediation. In fact, the most advanced methods of bed bug removal use heat instead of pesticides.

Don't Use Unapproved Substances

There are many urban legends swirling around regarding home remedies for bed bug removal. Some people say that bed bugs can be killed off by applying alcohol or kerosene to the affected bedding. Others offer homemade solutions of questionable origin that they swear will chase off the pests. You should avoid any such treatments for bed bugs because they can bring about a cascade of negative consequences. Only seek approved remedies for bed bug infestation to protect your health and your family.

Don't Toss Furniture

The thought of bed bugs taking up residence in your bedding and mattresses is enough to make you want to toss those items and start over fresh. However, that's not really the best solution since advanced bed bug heat treatment can help you salvage those items with no chance of reinfestation. Beds, mattresses, and other furniture can be effectively treated so that you won't need to spend additional money on new items.

Don't Move Items from the Affected Room

Another thing to avoid is moving furniture or other belongings from the room that's infested with bed bugs to other rooms. Bed bugs and their larvae can't fly, but they can travel from one part of your home to another on your clothes, in furniture, or on other items. If you detect an infestation in one room, keep everything in place there until a treatment protocol can remove the insects.

While bed bugs are pernicious and resilient parasites, modern bed bug heat treatment in Cincinnati can eradicate them from your home thoroughly. It's important that you don't panic and do anything that would result in spreading the insects throughout your home, and never try to treat them yourself with homemade concoctions or lawn and garden pesticides. If you've found a bed bug infestation, contact TRS Extermination at (513) 604-6332.


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