A Close Look at Bed Bug Infestation

by Tommy Underhill June 5, 2020

Bed bug infestations are a problem throughout the country because they thrive in most environments and can easily travel on luggage, clothing, or other personal belongings. It’s important to recognize the signs of a possible infestation and to know what to do to eradicate the problem. A bed bug infestation is difficult to take care of without the help of a bed bug exterminator in Cincinnati, OH. Here’s what you need to know about signs of infestations and how the professionals can help.

White Bedding in Bedroom

Signs of Bed Bugs

An important aspect of a bed bug infestation is identifying it quickly before it can spread throughout the house. Bed bugs themselves are difficult to find because they tend to hide during the day and are small and difficult to see. However, there are other signs that you can look for instead. You may notice red stains on the bed bugs that result from either bed bugs being crushed while you sleep or from the bites on your body. You may also notice bed bug feces that look like small spots made with a brown marker. Although you may not see live bugs moving around, you may see tiny eggshells left from the nymphs that have hatched. You may also see exoskeletons after the bed bugs have molted. Bed bugs also give off an unpleasant, musty odor.

Where to Look for Bed Bugs

If you see signs of a bed bug infestation, you may be able to positively identify bed bugs if you know where they’re most likely to hide. Bed bugs are oval, small, and brown with flat bodies. Carpet beetles are sometimes mistaken for bed bugs, which is why it’s important to look for the other signs of bed bugs if you notice bugs that look like this. Bed bugs can travel 5-20 feet from where they feed, so there are numerous hiding places around the bed that you should look for bugs. These places include areas around and in the bed like in cracks of the frame or headboard, in seams or piping, and even where the tags are sewn onto the mattress. They may also be found in folds of curtains, seams of upholstered furniture, in electrical outlets, drawer joints, and under wall hangings or loose wallpaper. The bugs are only as wide as a credit card, so there are many potential hiding places.

Determining the Extent of Infestation

Bed bugs can easily spread and proliferate, so as part of the treatment plan, it’s a good idea to determine the extent of the infestation. Regular feeding will result in more fecal matter stains, so that’s one way to determine how long the infestation has been going on. Skin castings around the bed generally mean the infestation has been going on a few weeks. It takes seven weeks for a bed bug to mature from egg to adult, so the number of adult bugs can also help determine the length of an infestation.

Bed Bug Treatment Options

Historically, bed bugs have been treated with chemicals, but this requires multiple treatments to kill bugs that hatch after the treatment since most chemicals don’t affect eggs. Bed bug heat treatment in Cincinnati is considered the most effective treatment because it heats the entire treated area to a temperature fatal to both bugs and eggs, without damaging the contents of your home. It can kill bugs regardless of where they’re hiding. To learn more about heat bed bug treatments, contact TRS Extermination today.


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