What Are the Most Effective Bedbug Treatments?

by Tommy Underhill April 16, 2020

Discovering bedbugs in your home is definitely cause for concern because they can be extremely difficult to eradicate on your own. In fact, DIY bedbug treatments are rarely effective in the long term, so it’s always best to contact a professional bedbug exterminator in Cincinnati, OH, when you first suspect a problem. Professionals have many options for bedbug treatments, so you may be wondering if there’s one professional treatment that’s more effective than the others. Here’s what you need to know.

Bedbug exterminator


Pesticides have long been used to fumigate a room or house and kill off bedbugs. While largely successful, there are some potential problems with pesticide treatments. First of all, pesticides often don’t kill both the bugs and the eggs. While the bedbugs themselves may be exterminated, a pesticide treatment means that you’ll need more than one to kill bugs that hatch later on. Another concern for many homeowners is the effect of the chemicals on children or pets. While there are some natural pesticide options, many companies are turning to other treatments that are safer and more successful in a shorter amount of time.

Encasements and Traps

Encasements or bedbug traps are often used in conjunction with other treatment methods. Encasements are specialized mattress and box spring covers. They zip entirely around the box spring and mattress and trap and kill bedbugs already hiding in the mattress and prevent new bedbugs from entering. The material is biteproof and impossible for bedbugs to escape from. Bedbug traps or monitors are placed under the legs of beds to catch and trap bedbugs that fall in. This is a way to monitor the effectiveness of past treatments.



Many pest control specialists consider heat treatments the most effective method of bedbug treatment. This method is so successful because it can kill both bugs and eggs when the room is heated to a specific temperature for a certain amount of time. Pest control technicians bring portable heaters and fans to heat the affected rooms. Unlike pesticides that may not be able to reach tiny cracks and crevices that the bugs and eggs hide in, the entire room can reach a temperature deadly to the eggs and bugs. The entire process can be done in one day, and repeat treatments are rarely needed. Another benefit of this treatment is that it’s entirely safe. There’s no risk related to chemical exposure, and your house is safe as long as you remove items that may be sensitive to high heat. All other items, such as bedding, clothing, and other personal belongings, can remain in the home because they may be harboring bedbugs or eggs as well.

Choosing the Best Treatment

All of these bedbug control treatment methods are effective to some extent. If you’re still not sure which method will work best for your situation, it’s a good idea to contact an exterminator and ask about the different treatments and their effectiveness. Many companies will recommend doing a combination of treatments, depending on the layout and size of your home as well as the extent of the infestation. Many homeowners opt for encasements and bedbug monitors along with bedbug heat treatment in Cincinnati for extra peace of mind. To learn what treatment will work best for your situation, contact TRS Extermination today.


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