Heat disinfects and works harder than pesticides

by Tommy Underhill, GreenTech Heat
November 15, 2019

Heat kills bed bugs and other insects. It’s been proven in university studies since the late 1980s. We prove it every day in the field, treating homes and business of good folks like you. I want to take a moment and describe the cleansing and disinfecting power of heat, and the benefits heat provides to you and your family, your business, your friends and customers.

These additional benefits are included for free every time we do a bed bug heat treatment.


Heat solves complex problems

Let’s step away from the straight-forward world of using heat to kill bed bugs and consider the complexities of rodents.

Just about everyone knows mice and rats carry disease. Rodents are vectors for serious diseases like rat bite fever, salmonellosis, and leptospirosis. Many people believe rodent-borne diseases most commonly spread through bites from infected rodents. While this is can be a problem, the unseen danger is via contact with contaminated urine or feces. Hantavirus spreads this way.

The CDC provides this list of ways hantavirus can be transmitted:

None of these situations are pleasant.


Don’t let “out of sight” dangerously mean “out of mind”

Once you have mice or rats infesting your home or business, you actively need to get rid of them... and then keep them out. Do this with traps and structural exclusion— closing the holes the animals use to get into your building. Call us today at 513-604-6332 and we will get to work getting rid of your rodent problem.

Once the animals you can see are gone, the health dangers remain. Unlike birds and bats that will often contain themselves in places to nest and roost, rats, mice, and other rodents will scurry and climb throughout your home or business as they look for food and chew on electrical wires... urinating and defecating— and potentially spreading disease— everywhere they go. Most people I know wouldn’t want to continue exposing their friends, family, and customers to dangerous pathogens. If you see signs of rodents, call TRS Extermination today at 513-604-6332 and schedule rodent extermination followed by a whole-house heat treatment, including attics, basements, and sub-areas. A whole-house treatment is the best solution and most thorough solution to making your home or business safe and healthy again.


Additional benefits for bed bug treatments

All organisms have a specific thermal death point, and many of those inhabiting our structures fall within the efficacy range of our heat process. This application of heat to a structure can eradicate or reduce targeted organisms to acceptable levels without damaging the structure and its contents in the treatment. Unlike treatment with fumigation or some chemicals, the structure is available for immediate occupation by people and pets.

Our heat treatments is more than just hot air. It is “active” heating. We employ convective heating that results in decreased odors and the reduction and/or elimination of many biological concerns such as:

The TRS Extermination heat process is especially beneficial to single-family residences, duplexes, hotels and motels, furnished apartments, college dorms, and low-income housing. In the case of a bed bug infestation, there is no need to dispose of mattresses, box springs, bedding, carpeting, furnishings, or belongings! Our heat technology even kills pests in computers and electronics.

If you found a bug or a rodent, don’t panic! Give us a call at 513-604-6332 and we’ll keep your family safe. TRS Extermination will free you from the fear and frustration of bed bugs and other pests. Your life will be less stressful and your home will be bed-bug free. Your home or business will smell better and be healthier for everyone inside. When we’re done, we know all your bed bugs— and other pests— will be dead.


Don’t take our word for it

Read more reviews for TRS Extermination on Home AdvisorThey were very responsive and professional. They hit the right price point for me. I would hire them again.

Jackie J.
5 Stars: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
September 26, 2018


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