Bed bug questions and answers

by Glen Miller
November 7, 2019

As bed bug extermination professionals, we get asked lots of questions. Here are a few of the most common ones. We hope the answers here will help alleviate the panic many people have when they discover a bed bug infestation. Have something specific on your mind? Give us a call and we will be glad to help!


How do I know if I have bed bugs?

We get asked this question a lot! Not seeing bed bugs crawling around your bed or on your furniture doesn’t mean you don’t have bed bugs. Bed bugs can be harder to see because they move from their harborages —where they sleep— to where they feed and back. Luckily they leave fecal spots and cast skins all around and those signs are often easier to find... when you know where to look.

Classic signs of the little insects are the apple seeds and ground black pepper. The adults are the shape and size of small red apple seeds and their fecal droppings look like ground black pepper. Common areas for inspection are the seams of mattresses, box springs and headboards. The eggs are especially tiny and are usually overlooked whitish/transparent small rice grains. This photo is of bed bugs, eggs, cast skins, and fecal spots on the back side of a headboard.

If you’re worried you have bed bugs, call us. We will get rid of your bed bug problem in one day.

Something is biting me at night. I have looked and looked, and haven’t seen anything. Sprayed bed bug spray... tried vinegar... tried alcohol. I don’t see anything. Still getting bit!

That’s not a fun situation to be in. We can help!

DIY treatments like vinegar, lavender, salt, isopropyl alcohol, borax, and baking soda, and most over-the-counter treatments like a bed bug spray or a bed bug fogger have no proven efficacy in eliminating a bed bug infestation. We’ve blogged about both of these topics.

The only extermination method proven to kill bed bugs and other insects in one treatment is heat. Heat kills adults and eggs wherever they may be hiding. Call us today at 513-604-6332. We will kill your bed bugs and end your infestation in just one day.

I have bed bugs, can you help me? I’ve seen them in one room but I may have them in more than one room.

If you have bed bugs in one room, there is a good chance you have them throughout your home... you probably just don’t see them. Our whole-house heat treatment will kill bed bugs everywhere they are hiding, living, and breeding: eggs and all!

I’ve been waking up itching like crazy the past few nights. While changing my sheets I found a bug then more and more under the mattress cover. I’m sure they are bedbugs. They fit the pictures perfectly. What do I do?

You can encase your mattress, but that will just keep the larger bed bugs contained within the mattress cover. It won’t do any good for the bed bugs that live around and behind your bed and in the surrounding furniture. A whole-house heat treatment performed by TRS Extermination’s trained technicians will end your bed bug nightmare in a single, one-day heat treatment.

Found bed bug residue in my car. What can I do?

Our heat treatments work in homes, hospitals, hotels, businesses, busses, airplanes, big-rig trucks, and cars. Give us a call today and we’ll take care of the problem.

Just moved in a new house and the furniture that was left here has bed bugs. What do I do?

If you were not planning on keeping the furniture, get rid of it. Then call us at 513-604-6332 and we will kill all the bed bugs in your home in a single, one-day treatment.

If you are planning on keeping the furniture, don’t try and clean up the infestation with a vacuum or chemicals. Call us for a one-day heat treatment. You will want to clean up the furniture, vacuuming up dead bed bugs, dead bed bug eggs, and cast skins after the treatment.

How does heat work? I have tried everything, and I’m ready to burn house down!

We feel your frustration! An open, uncontrolled flame is never a good idea! You’ve got the right idea that heat will kill all your bed bugs. Let the trained professionals at TRS Extermination take care of your bed bug problem. Call us today at 513-604-6332.


Because heat kills all the living and unhatched bed bugs in a single, one-day, chemical and pesticide-free treatment, there is no need for a repeat treatment. The only way a successfully-treated area will have a reinfestation is if someone brings them back in to the area.

If you found a bug, don’t panic! Give us a call at 513-604-6332 and we’ll keep your family safe. TRS Extermination will free you from the fear and frustration of bed bugs. Your life will be less stressful and your home will be bed-bug free. When we’re done, we know all your bed bugs— and other insects— will be dead.


Don’t take our word for it

Read more reviews for TRS Extermination on GoogleWe are extremely pleased with TRS. They went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and confident everything would be ok and now it is! We are so happy to have found them and have everything done in one day!!! We don’t have to worry anymore! Highly recommend them! Thank you TRS!!!!

Syd B
5 Stars: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
June 14, 2018


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