Don’t Throw Out Your Furniture. We Kill Bed Bugs and Save Your Belongings!

The Most Competitive Pricing and Best Service Guarantee in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Middletown!

Don’t throw out your furniture. TRS Extermination specializes in killing bed bugs using the latest and greatest technology available. The extermination process used is the most affordable and effective solution to kill bed bugs, guaranteed. The treatment is quick, efficient, and completed in approximately 6-8 hours. Your home — and most importantly your family — will be 100% bed bug free in less than one (1) day!

By saving your furniture, a one-day TRS heat treatment will save you time, money, and frustration.

The best bed bug warranty in Ohio doesn’t start until we certify your home is free of bed bugs. We want you to be happy living without bed bugs!



Eliminating Bed Bugs in Dayton, Cincinnati and Middletown

When good folks like yourself are afflicted by bed bugs in Dayton, Cincinnati and Middletown, they want to find the best bed bug exterminator to solve the problem. TRS Extermination is your best solution for killing bed bugs and provides bed bug heat treatment services. Our clients tell us we are the the best bed bug exterminator for bed bug removal and bed bug treatment. TRS Extermination will treat your home, office, business, or building for bed bugs with clean, safe heat.

One treatment. One day. No more bed bugs.


Don’t take our word for it

Read more review for TRS Extermination on FaceBookIt was amazing to call a company that was more concerned about the actual diagnosis of the type of bug that selling the treatment! I was able to send pictures and get close to an immediate response to my issue... turns out I did not have what I thought I had after all. The representative was more than willing to talk with me about the best and most cost-effective ways to handle my situation. It was my first call and truthfully the only call I needed to make! You will NOT be disappointed! Thank you TRS!

Juante Hall
5 Stars: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
7/26, 2018


Fast, Effective & Reliable Pest Control Services

TRS Extermination offers more than fast, friendly service in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and surrounding areas. We provide reliable Pest Control service you can count on. We use the latest equipment and keep up with the newest pest control treatments and techniques for the best results. Our maintenance techniques ensure complete elimination of pest infestations in and around your home, and our preventative maintenance service keeps the bugs from coming back.

We provide a solution not just a treatment. Heat treatments get rid of your bed bugs, reduce allergens, make your home smell better, and create a healthier environment in your home. We treat your house like it was our home.

When you discover bed bugs, you want them out of your home as quickly as possible. TRS Extermination offers emergency bed bug services. Call us at 513-604-6332 and your bed bugs will be gone fast!

Eliminating Bed Bugs Across Dayton

Cincinnati has become a hot spot for bed bug infestations in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Middletown. TRS Extermination offers our special heat-treatment service that consists of eco-friendly, direct-fired devices for elevating the ambient temperature to a level that kills bed bugs and other invasive pests. For applications where heat treatment is not feasible we offer chemical bed bug treatment options.


Count on TRS Extermination

We specialize in residential and commercial pest control, removing of everything from bed bugs and carpenter ants to spiders, termites, wasps, and rats in homes and businesses throughout Dayton, Cincinnati and Middletown. Even hard-to-kill bed bugs don’t stand a chance against our professional, experienced team. We can even eliminate termite infestations and prevent costly damage to your home and business.


We’re Here To Help

TRS Extermination serves Dayton, Cincinnati and Middletown. TRS Extermination is on the cutting edge of pest control technology for getting rid of bed bugs and all other household pests. We approach every problem with identification and an intense treatment. Our heat treatment protocol was designed by the original insect heater company in the industry, GreenTech Heat. We want to be able to get in your home immediately and start treatment. Other companies will tell you to wash and dry all your clothes, which is time restrictive and costly— doing this could actually spread the problem or provide a chance for a re-infestation.


Why Trust a Heat Treatment?

Heating the home is the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs in Dayton, Cincinnati and Middletown once and for all. It is well-documented that some bugs have developed a resistance to chemicals and pesticides, and not many poisons are effective against the eggs in dosages safe to humans. One thing is for sure: the bugs can’t take the heat! We use portable heaters designed specifically for killing insects and high-speed fans to increase the internal temperature of the home or apartment into the “kill zone”. Once we have reached effective kill temperatures, we hold it there for the necessary length of time to ensure the heat kills all the bugs— including the eggs. This treatment is so effective that we can usually finish the treatment with one application in one day. Pesticides only work where you spray them, but heat penetrates into every crack, crevice, and hiding place; something pesticides alone can’t do.


That Sounds Great, How Soon Can You Get Here?

Fast! We know that any time spent infested with bed bugs or other undesirable pests is an eternity. We are dedicated to providing the fastest service around so you can get your life back to normal as quick as possible. We can usually complete your bed bug treatment weeks ahead of the competition. We proudly serve Dayton, Cincinnati and Middletown, eradicating bed bugs from homes and sharing sanity wherever we go! We are based out of Cincinnati.